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Quest includes 10 eye-opening videos by marriage experts Jimmy and Karen Evans. The first task on your quest to a great marriage is to watch one video each week with your spouse. Make time and remove distractions before viewing each portion of the seminar. Pray together before watching, and ask God to reveal how He wants to transform your marriage and make it truly legendary.

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Each week download a chapter from Jimmy Evans' best-selling book, Marriage On The Rock and engage with the study guide for each chapter. Make this an evening ritual with your spouse to discuss and share your ideas on these insightful teachings.

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Apply the time-tested principles of this valuable seminar in your marriage for 90 days and whenever possible, share your prayer requests and testimonies with us so we can stand with you. From time to time, we'd like to share special insights with you through email and encourage you along the pathway to your family's great future!